Locar to connect LNG and offshore terminals


After nearly five years of waiting, the Locar Pipe crane ferry will do its first service. Designed to meet offshore demands, the Locar ferry will debut by launching the pipelines that will connect a floating regasification unit (FSRU) to the Sergipe Thermoelectric Plant, which will be part of the Governor Marcelo Déda Power Generation Complex.

Built in 2013, with investments of R $ 140 million, the equipment will be used by Sapura Energy, which entered into a contract in November last year with Companhia Eléctrica de Sergipe (Celse) to carry out the service.

In addition to other projects involving the connection of LNG terminals to thermoelectric plants in Brazil and Latin America, Locar is attentive to Petrobras’ demands.

The company is already preparing to negotiate the rental of the ferry with McDermott, which is expected to close the contract with the oil company to install the ultra-fast stretch of Route 3. Also on the radar are demands associated with the Mero field in the Libra area, in the Santos Basin, with scheduled services to occur between 2020 and 2021.

“We now have a very significant use of the ferry,” said Henrique Bravo, vice president of the company, adding that the vessel could also participate in future decommissioning activities.

In addition to Locar Pipe, Locar owns ten Line Handlers (LHs), five of which are chartered by Petrobras. One of the currently untapped units will support, as a tugboat, the services in Sergipe.

The company also has cranes (ferries with cranes) in its fleet to provide maintenance, exchange of thrusters and rescue of containers. “It is an activity that is growing. We have three with cranes already assembled and ready for use, “says Bravo.

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