PB-Log offers lowest price for integrated support to Libra


PB-Log presented the lowest price in the fully integrated contracting model (type 3) for the Libra logistic support tender. The Petrobras subsidiary offered R $ 802 million for the provision of terrestrial, port, maritime and air services.

The Sepetiba consortium, formed by Sepetiba Tecon port and the helicopter operator CHC, was the only competitor of PB-Log in this model, proposing around R $ 1 billion.

PB-Log was also the best placed in model 1B, which provides for the provision of air support services according to passenger demand informed by Petrobras. The bid was approximately 170 million, surpassing the proposals of CHC (R $ 230.6 million) and Omni (R $ 230.9 million)

In the dispute over type 2 (maritime and terrestrial), the Petrobras subsidiary was surpassed by the Wilson Sons group, whose proposal was R $ 505 million, compared to R $ 633 million of PB-Log.

Líder Aviação offered the lowest price for air support services with medium and large helicopters (model 1A), with proposals in the amount of R $ 52.3 million and R $ 202.3 million, surpassing, in both cases, Aeróleo.

The offers were presented last Monday the 11th of June. According to the rules set forth in the notice, no competing company would have access to the prices and documentation submitted, but documentation leaked due to a failure in the registration process.

The problem has led to speculation that the bidding would be canceled. However, Petrobras informed Brasil Energia Petroleo that the proceeding will follow its normal procedure, since the documentation is only available after the deadline for receipt of proposals, “not influencing the preparation and presentation of proposals and also not offering advantages to the companies. proposing companies “.

See the note sent by the press office of the oil company:

“We inform that the integrated logistics contract for Libra is being conducted by Petrobras, as operator of the Libra Consortium. Therefore, this is a competitive procurement process carried out according to the rules of the Consortium and not a bidding procedure.

In accordance with the hiring process of the Libra Consortium, the process in question was designed and conducted in the system to ensure the confidentiality of all documents submitted by the companies. However, a failure in the registration process allowed access to the documentation submitted by the proponents. Immediately upon becoming aware of the occurrence, the contracting group took the possible and necessary steps to stop access to this documentation.

Due to the fact that the documentation was only available after the deadline for receipt of tenders – not influencing the preparation and presentation of proposals and offering no advantage to the proposing companies, the procedure of the bidding process was guaranteed.

Thus, we consider that no diversion was identified that would justify canceling the bidding process and we emphasize that the documentation of all companies remains under confidential treatment and none of the companies is authorized to download or disseminate the documents or their contents to third parties.

In this way, the bidding will follow its normal course. Once all the steps have been completed, the negotiation phase will begin to obtain better conditions for the Libra Consortium and, finally, the internal procedures for contracting authorization.

We further inform that all appropriate measures will be taken if the misuse of the confidential information in this case is identified. ”

Source: Brazil Energy

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