Enseada shipyard completes its debt restructuring process

Enseada Indústria Naval S.A. reports that the 6th Business Court of the Court of Justice of the State of Rio de Janeiro approved on November 14, the extrajudicial recovery plan filed by the company on January 27 of this year. As a result of this important event, the terms of the plan take effect and become mandatory.

The measure creates a more stable environment for the company, allowing an even greater focus on the continuity of activities, as well as the attraction of new business opportunities, favoring the resumption of the operation of the yard and the generation of jobs. Extra-judicial recovery (RE) also assists in the diversification process of Enseada, as it gives more comfort and security to potential clients and investors in the commercial relationship with the company.

The terms of this RE have been defined in agreement with a relevant group of creditors of the Company, representing more than 64% of the total amount of the restructured debt, which demonstrates the credibility of the company with these creditors, as well as the sustainability not only of this RE, but also of the Company’s business plan.

“The fact that we have an asset deployed, licensed, tested, with state-of-the-art technology and state-of-the-art facilities, in addition to allowing us to diversify our operations, relied on creditors to adhere to the plan. We are very confident that, with the implementation of this RE and the stabilization of the Company’s debt, we will be able to focus on conquering new projects and resuming our industrial operations in Bahia “, explains Fernando Barbosa (photo), president of Enseada Indústria Naval.

Enseada Indústria Naval S.A. has promoted a strategic repositioning, diversifying its areas of operation, but preserving its business focus, which includes the shipbuilding and offshore repair and construction industry. The company added new activities to its Business Plan, such as those focused on the logistics segment and the establishment of industrial partnerships for the production, fabrication and assembly of metal structures, with differentiated potential for the wind power generation industry. The industrial complex of Enseada is licensed and operational, that is, ready to resume its industrial activity.

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