Brazil Acting President Temer Names Cabinet on Rousseff Ouster

Brazil’s new acting President Michel Temer moved swiftly to form his cabinet, appointing a successful inflation-fighter as finance minister only moments after Dilma Rousseff stepped aside, ousted by a Senate vote in favor of her impeachment.

Temer, a 75 year-old constitutional lawyer appointed Henrique Meirelles, a former central bank chief and Wall Street banker, to head his economic team, according to a text message sent by his press office. Among the twenty appointments he made are several senators, including Romero Juca of his own party, who is to head the planning and budget ministry.

Moments earlier Senate clerks hand-delivered the official notification to Temer and Rousseff that the Senate voted to try her on charges of illegally doctoring fiscal accounts to mask the size of the budget deficit. The vote that forced Rousseff to step down during her trial followed a 21 hour debate lasting through the night.

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