Meanwhile at the House of Cards – Speaker of Brazil lower house backtracks on impeachment annulment

Reuters May 9, 2016

The acting speaker of Brazil’s Lower House of Congress early on Tuesday revoked his decision to annul the impeachment vote against President Dilma Rousseff.

Speaker Waldir Maranhao, in an official statement to the Senate, did not cite any reason for backtracking on his surprise announcement on Monday to annul last month’s lower house vote to recommend the Senate try Rousseff for breaking budgetary laws.

That decision threw Brazilian markets into disarray and threatened to drag out a painful political crisis with a constitutional standoff that could end up at the Supreme Court.

Senate President Renan Calheiros on Monday said Maranhao was “playing with democracy” and that the Senate would press ahead with a Wednesday vote on whether to suspend Rousseff for up to six months pending a trial.

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