Brazil’s Crusading Corruption Investigation Is Winding Down

Sergio Moro, Judge In Brazilian Corruption Scandal Attends Lecture
Judge Serio Moro participates at a symposium about Operacao Lava Jato and Operacao Maos Limoas together with former prosecutor of Milan and member of Operacao Maos Limpas Piercamillo Davigo in São Paulo, on Mar. 29, 2016. Photographer: Patricia Monteiro/Bloomberg

The crusading federal judge behind Brazil’s explosive corruption investigation, facing the limits of his mandate and signs of political pushback, sees his role in the case winding down by the end of the year, a turning point in a probe that has helped push the president to the brink of impeachment.

For more than two years, Judge Sergio Moro and his team of prosecutors and police in the southern town of Curitiba have tracked the $1.8-billion graft scandal across four continents. They uncovered a crime ring so epic that it shattered Brazil’s political and economic leadership and helped tip the nation into its worst recession in a century.

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