Rousseff Says Any Brazil Impeachment Requires Justification

Rousseff Says Any Brazil Impeachment Requires Justification

By Raymond Colitt Arnaldo Galvao

5:23 PM UYT
March 9, 2015

(Bloomberg) — Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff said any move for Congress to impeach her requires a specific justification.

“You have to lay out reasons for an impeachment,” she told journalists in Sao Paulo on Monday, a day after Brazilians in several cities called for her ouster as she addressed the nation in a speech. “It’s very prudent for the country to understand it needs stability, needs to abate any situations of conflict because we’re facing a deepening of the economic crisis.”

Rousseff is struggling to increase fiscal austerity and slow inflation as her approval rating drops to a record low and leaders in both houses of Congress criticize her government. More than a quarter million people have signed up on social media to protest growing economic hardship and government corruption during demonstrations on March 15.

The scheduled protests are a sign of “dissatisfaction,” lower house President Eduardo Cunha told reporters earlier Monday in Rio de Janeiro, two days after he said an investigation into corruption will undermine the government’s relationship with members of Congress. Cunha and his Senate counterpart Renan Calheiros are among 49 senior politicians being investigated by federal prosecutors for graft.

The two deny wrongdoing in the alleged kickback scheme at state-run oil producer Petroleo Brasileiro SA. Rousseff’s justice minister, Jose Eduardo Cardozo, said Saturday the probe is taking place without government interference.

Rousseff said Monday that last year’s election is over and Brazilians must accept its results.

“Brazilian society won’t accept a break with democracy,” she said.

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