Brazil Northeast Consortium and the World Bank sign MoU for Clean Energy and Hydrogen projects

The Northeast Consortium and the World Bank signed today (25) a memorandum of understanding with an eye on the development of projects focused on clean energy, water and sanitation, the environment and connectivity. Among the areas of action established in the document are projects related to the use of low-carbon hydrogen and the distribution of solar energy that allows communities to be involved. The document was signed by the president of the Northeast Consortium and governor of Paraíba, João Azevêdo, and by the director of the World Bank for Brazil, Johannes Zutt, in Brasília.

The event also included the participation of the Minister of Mines and Energy, Alexandre Silveira, who highlighted that the new partnership strengthens public policies already developed by the Federal Government. “The Ministry of Mines and Energy has already been developing policies for the development of low-carbon hydrogen in Brazil. This agreement is another opportunity for us to have greater energy security in Brazil, for new jobs and for the decarbonization of industry and transport,” he said.

The president of the Northeast Consortium, João Azevêdo, highlighted the region’s leading role in the generation of renewable energy and the importance of the memorandum to contribute to the development of the states. “The Northeast will be the largest producer of green hydrogen in the world and this needs to happen in a harmonious, regulated manner and this memorandum we signed today will allow the World Bank to make its expertise available to the Northeast Consortium and the exchange of experiences between the states will ensure that we have the conditions to establish a safe and sustainable path to generate wealth with social inclusion”, he highlighted.

The director of the World Bank for Brazil, Johannes Zutt, declared that the memorandum signed today aims to contribute to increasing the level of development and productivity of the northeastern states. “This memorandum that we signed today reflects our firm commitment to cooperate with the sustainable development of the Brazilian Northeast states in four key areas: energy transition, mainly the development of green hydrogen and offshore wind generation; community engagement; preservation of the Caatinga; and digital development. Brazil has great potential to become a global leader in the energy transition and the Northeast region can be the leader of this process in Brazil and we will share our experiences with the states”, he said.

Governors Fátima Bezerra (Rio Grande do Norte) and Raquel Lyra (Pernambuco) and governors Rafael Fonteles (Piauí), Carlos Brandão (Maranhão), Elmano de Freitas (Ceará), Jerônimo Rodrigues (Bahia) also participated in the memorandum signing ceremony. ), Paulo Dantas (Alagoas) and Fábio Mitidiere (Sergipe); in addition to the special secretary for Federative Affairs of the Institutional Relations Secretariat, André Ceciliano; Rodrigo Almeida (North/Northeast manager of the Social and Territorial Strategy Department of the Social Development and Public Management Area of BNDES); and Thiago Barral (secretary of Planning and Energy Transition at the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

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