SBM Offshore and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to launch CO2 Capture in FPSOs

SBM Offshore and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) announced the signing of a partnership agreement that will offer a CO2 capture solution for platform ships (FPSOs). The agreement is the result of a successful engineering and design study between the companies, demonstrating the technical feasibility and commercial readiness of offshore CO2 capture technology. According to SBM, the technology could reduce CO2 emissions from the general operations of an FPSO by up to 70%.

The CO2 capture solution will apply MHI’s proprietary “Advanced KM CDR Process” technology, developed in conjunction with The Kansai Electric Power. The technology enables significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from FPSOs by capturing CO2 from onboard gas turbines. The technology is being developed as part of SBM Offshore’s emissionZERO program.

“The signing of this agreement marks an important development within our emissionZERO program, which aims to provide FPSOs with near-zero emissions. The technology we can now offer customers is an essential solution to substantially reduce the carbon footprint of our FPSOs. We are pleased to partner with MHI, a key player whose carbon capture technology perfectly complements our leading expertise in floating energy solutions,” commented SBM Offshore’s Managing Director of Floating Production Solutions, Olivier Icyk.

MHI’s CEO and Head of Engineering Solutions, Kenji Terasawa, said he was satisfied with the new agreement. “The combination of proven technologies from both companies will be an important step towards decarbonizing offshore greenhouse gas emissions from FPSOs. With this agreement, we will accelerate the offshore carbon capture business,

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