Petrobras launches tender for sustainable decommissioning of FPSO P-33

(TN) Petrobrás published the tender for the sale of the platform ship (FPSO) P-33, which is currently located in the Campos Basin, in the Marlim field. The bidding will follow the same model as the decommissioning of P-32, within the company’s new guidelines for recycling and sustainable disposal of vessels. The sale notice maintains the focus on the national market, making it mandatory for competitors to be a shipyard or a company associated with a national shipyard, with a mandatory dry dock.

Interested companies have a deadline to qualify for the tender until October 16th. Subsequently, the deadlines for technical visits and bids remain open until November 20th. According to Petrobras, the sustainable decommissioning of platforms generates opportunities for the allocation of labor in national shipyards. The company’s forecast is to deactivate 26 units by 2027 and another 27 units from 2028 to 2029. In these projects, the company will allocate more than 650 thousand tons of steel to recycling.

“The new sustainable disposal model for Petrobras vessels has as its main guidelines the implementation of actions aimed at minimizing waste generation; control of carbon emissions; prevention of impacts on biodiversity; protecting the safety and health of workers involved in recycling activities; respect for human rights commitments assumed by the company; recovery of metallic and non-metallic materials; in addition to the appropriate disposal of waste arising from the process”, said the company in a statement.

To meet these guidelines, the proponents must present the platform’s recycling plan, covering everything from the first procedures for receiving the unit and starting dismantling work to the final disposal of the resulting waste, also ensuring that the unit’s hull dismantling activities take place in dry dock.

The hazardous materials inventory will support the preparation of the platform’s recycling plan and will allow the shipyard to plan the appropriate procedures to carry out the operation, including the handling, storage and disposal of materials and waste generated in the dismantling process. The execution of the plan will be monitored by Petrobras, in order to guarantee compliance with safety, environmental, occupational health and social responsibility practices in a sustainable and auditable manner, throughout the entire recycling process.

Petrobras concluded by saying that it will be responsible for delivering the platform to the shipyard indicated by the buyer, ensuring its recycling and non-return to navigation, and it is also required that the shipyards have an operating license that explicitly includes dismantling activities, which have installed capacity for temporary storage and handling of materials, and have a contingency and emergency plan, in addition to following the best practices in occupational safety.

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