Valaris Secures $65 Million in New Offshore Drilling Contracts

(OE) Valaris announced new drilling contracts worth $65 million in total, excluding lump sum payments such as mobilization fees and capital reimbursements.

These contracts were awarded after the company issued its most recent fleet status report on August 1, 2023. Contract backlog

Valaris secured a one-well contract with BP offshore Brazil for drillship VALARIS DS-15. The contract is expected to begin in late first quarter or early second quarter of 2024 in direct continuation of the rig’s current program with TotalEnergies and has an estimated duration of 80 days. 

The estimated contract value is approximately $33 million and excludes payments we will receive for mobilization and any additional services.

“A previously disclosed exercised priced option with TotalEnergies offshore Brazil for drillship VALARIS DS-15 is now expected to be undertaken in direct continuation of the aforementioned BP contract,” Valaris said.

The option period is expected to start in late second quarter or early third quarter 2024 and has an estimated duration of 100 days. 

“The operating day rate for the option period is approximately $254,000. The contract backlog for this previously disclosed contract is not included in the $65 million of additional backlog mentioned above,” Valaris said.

VALARIS DS-15 – Estimated Schedule:

CustomerLocationContract StartDateContract EndDate(1)Day Rate(2)
Total EnergiesBrazilJun 21Feb 24 
BPBrazilMar 24May 24$410,000
TotalEnergiesBrazilJun 24Sep 24$254,000


Contract duration does not include any unexercised optional extensions. Contract end dates can vary based on how long it takes to complete the wells subject to the contract.


Day rates are reported to the nearest thousand and reflect the operating day rates charged to customers, excluding certain types of non-recurring revenues such as lump sum mobilization payments. Day rates are provided unless such disclosures are restricted by confidentiality provisions

Indonesia jack-up rig deal

In Indonesia, a five-well priced option was exercised by BP Indonesia for heavy-duty modern jackup VALARIS 106. 

The option period is expected to start in January 2024, in direct continuation of the existing firm program and has an estimated duration of 365 days. 

The operating day rate is $85,000 effective from January 6, 2024, increasing to $95,000 from January 6, 2025. As previously disclosed, the rig is expected to be out of service for approximately 90 days for planned maintenance across second quarter and third quarter 2024, Valaris said.

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