Minister of Mines and Energy predicts approval by December of the legal framework for the Offshore Wind sector

(PN) The Minister of Mines and Energy, Alexandre Silveira, said today that the government is working with the National Congress to approve the legal framework for the exploitation of offshore wind energy. The minister highlighted that it is necessary to take advantage of Brazil’s great potential in generating energy from this source.

“I have worked directly in coordination with the National Congress so that we can finally move forward with negotiations to establish a legal framework for offshore wind farms. This weekend, I debated at length with Deputy José Vitor, rapporteur of the bill by the then Senator Jean Paul Prates, on a structural solution for the sector. We must urgently break down barriers to the development of this new frontier of renewable energy in Brazil, bringing legal security to the process of transferring areas and advancing studies and projects”.

The minister also explained that the next meeting of the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE) should define the bases for a map of actions that will include new regulations and improvements to the existing infralegal regulatory framework. “We will ensure greater clarity for the flow of approvals in the process of ceding areas at sea and the design of public policies to promote investments and development of this technology in Brazil,” he added.

For Alexandre Silveira, these actions strengthen the almost 80 offshore wind projects already in the environmental licensing process. “We want the Brazilian potential of 200 GW of offshore wind to produce clean energy for the world, helping us transform Brazil”, he concluded.

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