Petrobras on Braskem

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras informs that it requested access to Braskem’s virtual data room, on today’s date, thus starting the due diligence process, according to the rules provided for in the Braskem Shareholders Agreement signed between Petrobras and Novonor S.A., for the possible exercise of tag along or preemptive rights, in the event of sale of shares held by Novonor S.A. in the company.

It is worth highlighting that there was no decision by the Executive Board or the Board of Directors regarding the process of divestment or increase of stake in Braskem, this being only a necessary step regarding the tag-along and preemptive rights provided for in the Shareholders’ Agreement.

In this sense, Petrobras reinforces that decisions on investments and divestments are based on careful analysis and technical studies, in compliance with governance practices and applicable internal procedures.

Material facts on the subject will be timely disclosed to the market.

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