Petrobras on partnership with Shell and Senai CIMATEC

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras informs that it has signed, in partnership with Shell and Senai CIMATEC, a cooperation term (TC) for the construction of the Production Development Laboratory (LDP), the largest complex for pre-salt research and development.

The LDP will enable safe operating conditions similar to the Brazilian pre-salt for testing integrated systems. The advantage is to evaluate the performance of the new equipment before it is used in the field. The laboratory is being built inside Senai CIMATEC Park, located in the Petrochemical Camaçari Cluster (BA).

The creation of the laboratory is important for the development of technologies that can make exploration and production safer and more efficient in terms of operations and emissions.

Around R$ 254 million are being invested in the LDP, whose construction meets international standards for market qualification and technical specifications. The project is funded by Petrobras and Shell with resources from the Research, Development and Innovation clause of the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). The laboratory is expected to start operating in 2024.

A 300-meter deep well will be drilled in the complex. Connected to it, a flow loop will be built, a closed unit composed of pipes, compressors and pumps that simulates the flow of oil and gas production. In addition to the infrastructure, the LDP will have a multidisciplinary technical team of masters and doctors with expertise in modeling and reliability analysis, advanced engineering and expertise in computer simulations, materials and examination of failures and processes.

The tests enable the entire chain of the oil and gas industry to take advantage: subsea, topsides, production operations, lifting and flowing oil from the seabed, and processing.

The partnership with other companies is important for Petrobras, providing solidity and robustness to the projects by sharing experience and risks, with a positive return for society, benefiting the oil and gas chain.

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