SOFEC Awarded an Approval in Principle (AiP) by DNV for an Ammonia TransferSystem using its CALM and Tower Mooring Technologies

As a part of SOFEC’s commitment to the Energy Transition, SOFEC
is pleased to announce that the newly developed Ammonia Transfer System has been awarded
an Approval in Principle (AiP) by DNV for use with two mooring technologies 1) CALM Buoy and
2) Tower Mooring solutions.
Both CALM Buoy and Tower Mooring solutions are part of SOFEC’s proven product lines. The
ability to further extend this mooring technology to support Energy Transition projects is an
exciting next phase for SOFEC.
Refrigerated liquids such as ammonia and other e-fuels are increasingly becoming more
important than ever due to their potential as one of the most economically sustainable low
emission fuels. SOFEC’s business objectives are tailored to focus on supporting the core
industry principles of safe and sustainable offshore solutions. While the industry is striving
towards blue and green ammonia production and storage, this new development is aimed to
alleviate the challenge of transporting liquid ammonia from an onshore terminal to a remote
offshore tanker and vice versa. Hence, this ammonia transfer system development is a
significant contribution by SOFEC to continue developing an environmentally safe and
sustainable energy industry

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