DNV Approves Entrion Wind’s Monopile Concept for 100-Metre Depths

(OW) DNV has awarded Entrion Wind with a Statement of Feasibility for its fully restrained platform (FRP) offshore wind foundation technology said to extend the operating depth of the monopile technology to up to 100 metres.

DNV issued a Statement of Feasibility, affirming that the FRP monopile is considered conceptually feasible and a promising candidate for further development and qualification.

The technical review used the service specification DNV-SE-190 to detail and clarify the certification activities and facilitate achieving compliance for the new concept.

While DNV’s Statement of Feasibility is an optional step in the certification process, it verifies new concepts and opens the door to new and innovative designs that have the potential to reduce costs and accelerate the growth of offshore wind, Entrion Wind said.

The FRP monopile concept combines fixed and floating platform technologies extending the water depths of the monopile up to 100 metres.

The foundation’s main components include a monopile with an air-can (AC) in one piece, a transition piece with a load ring, and a mooring system which can either be taut moorings with pile anchors or taut moorings with suction piles.

Entrion Wind is developing the FRP technology through the technology readiness level (TRL) process targeting commercial operations by 2026.

To reach this target, the Norwegian firm has ongoing feasibility studies and research & development projects and is planning a demonstration project next year.

Entrion Wind is currently conducting, together with its mooring, turbine, and fabrication partners, a feasibility study at between 35-metre and 85-metre water depths for a project offshore Massachusetts.

In February, the company was awarded a contract to evaluate the feasibility of its FRP technology by a ScotWind developer.

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