Prosafe focused increasingly on Brazil for accommodation support

Prosafe has provided a status report on its fleet of accommodation support rigs in its latest results review.

Late last year Safe Zephyrus completed its contract with bp at ETAP in the central UK North Sea and is presently heading west from the Canary Islands to Brazil to start a program for Petrobras on May 1.

Earlier this month, Safe Eurus began a new four-year contract with Petrobras, but should come off hire for about 35 days in April/May for contract compliance work and hull cleaning. At the same time, Prosafe will bring forward the vessel’s next scheduled special periodic survey.

However, the off-hire period and all related work may be deferred to 2024.

Safe Notos is due to go off hire for about 30 days to undergo compliance work and hull cleaning for its contract with Petrobras.

In Curaçao Safe Concordia is undergoing preparations for a project in the US Gulf of Mexico, with a commencement window between July and September 2023.

At Scapa Flow, northern Scotland, Safe Caledonia is laid up pending future work, and the same applies to Safe Boreas in Norway.

The company is participating in tenders for two UK sector semisubmersibles in 2024 and one in North America in 2025.

It has an option to take delivery of two newbuild DP3 semis at a yard in southeast Asia; both rigs were damaged by the typhoon Muifa last September, with a repairs process underway.

In the North Sea, Prosafe foresees higher maintenance and tieback activity in the UK and hookup operations in Norway from 2024-2025 onward, as oil and gas activity rises.

Offshore Brazil, demand for accommodation, maintenance and safety vessels should continue to grow due to an increasing number of FPSOs and new oil and gas operators. And with a reduced global fleet of available accommodation rigs, day rates should rise from 2024 onward, the company said.

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