Petroecuador workers end protest, no impacts on production

(Reuters) – Ecuador’s state oil company Petroecuador said on Friday that union workers had ended a three-day protest in Quito after reaching an agreement with the government over improved salaries.

The company’s workers began the protest on Wednesday to demand compliance with a judicial ruling that required workers’ salaries to be brought in line with one another.

Workers were also protesting administrative practices they say have caused a fall in crude production.

Petroecuador said in a statement that the protest had “no impact on operational work in the fields,” adding that the workers reached a deal with a government agency that oversees management at state firms.

Workers had organized the protest just as controversy has enveloped top brass at some of Ecuador’s top state firms.

Petroecuador chief, Hugo Aguiar, presented his resignation on Tuesday along with other leaders of state-run companies amid an investigation into alleged corruption at state companies. It is not clear if Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso will accept Aguiar’s resignation.

Poor working conditions and a lack of vehicles to transport the personnel to the fields were also among the workers’ complaints.

Petroecuador’s union had no immediate comment, while the company said in a statement on Thursday that it was renewing the vehicle fleet and that it has provided workers with work attire better suited for the job.

Petroecuador’s oil production was 396,058 barrels per day on Thursday, according to official data.

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