EDP launches Green Hydrogen plant in Ceará

EDP, a company that operates throughout the Brazilian electricity sector chain, launched in São Gonçalo do Amarante, Ceará, its green hydrogen production plant as part of the Pecém Research & Development project H2V, which had an investment of R$ 42 million.

In December, the company had already generated the country’s first green hydrogen molecule at this unit. The plant comprises a solar power plant with a capacity of 3 peak megawatts (MWp), to guarantee a renewable source, and a state-of-the-art electrolyser module for fuel production, with a capacity to produce 250 Nm3/h of gas.

The inauguration of the unit is a milestone for the generation of renewable energy in the country and is part of EDP’s commitments to the energy transition. The company has the goal of becoming 100% by 2030. In addition to fuel production, part of the project is the development of a roadmap with analysis of scalability scenarios, considering all the links in the production chain and identifying economic and sector viability and marketing of green hydrogen. EDP should also seek the certification of renewable origin of production. The estimated completion date for the project is June 2024.

“Even more important than the production of the first molecule is the knowledge and experience that this initiative brings to EDP and to the green hydrogen market in Brazil. Now, with the plant completed and in full operation, which is a pioneer in the country, our focus is to improve the generation process, evaluate business models, expand production and establish strategic partnerships with different segments of the industry that can use the gas. , in addition to contributing to enable the regulation of the market in the country”, highlights Marques da Cruz.

The project relies on important partnerships such as NEA/Hytron, electrolysis supplier and, as project executors, in addition to EDP, are the Electric Sector Study Group (Gesel/UFRJ), IATI and the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), through the R&D program.

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