PRIO approval of the merger of Dommo’s shares

Petro Rio S.A. (“Company” or “PRIO”) (B3: PRIO3) following the Material Facts disclosed on September 1 and October 3 and 24, 2022, informs that the incorporation of all of the common shares that compose the capital stock of Dommo to the equity of Petro Rio OPCO Exploração Petrolífera S. A. (“OpCo”), subsidiary of Petro Rio S.A. (“PRIO”) (“Incorporation of Shares”), was approved on this date by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy of Austria, under the Investment Control Act (Foreign Direct Investment Approval – FDI). Therefore, Dommo, OpCo and PRIO managements will meet to set the timetable for the implementation of the Incorporation of Shares, to be disclosed in due course, including the deadlines and procedures for the choice, by the shareholders and the subscription bonuses holders, of the alternatives for replacement of their shares and/or subscription bonuses issued by Dommo, which will be granted to them in the context of the Incorporation of Shares.

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