ANP approves new development plan for the Marlim field, forecast of U$ 3.8 billion in investments

(PN) Petrobras’ revitalization plans for the Marlim field will bring new investments to the Campos Basin. The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) approved the new version of the field development plan presented by the oil company. Altogether, the program foresees investments of US$ 3.8 billion for Marlim and another US$ 60 million for the neighboring field, Voador.

In Marlim, Petrobras will install two new FPSOs – Anita Garibaldi and Anna Nery. The project also includes the relocation of 28 production wells and 29 injectors, the interconnection of two production wells and the drilling of 13 new production wells and a new injector. The Anita Garibaldi FPSO will have the capacity to process 80,000 barrels per day and 7 million m³ of gas per day. The Anna Nery unit will be able to produce 70,000 barrels per day and 4 million m³ of gas per day.

In the Voador field, activities include the operational continuity of five wells – with the relocation of two production wells and three injection wells. All Voador wells will be connected to Anita Garibaldi, which will also serve the Marlim field. The final production date for the two fields is December 31, 2048. Previously, the estimated period was until 2025. In 2048, according to Petrobras, the recovery factor of Voador will be 22.3%, while that of Marlim will be in 50.2%.

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