ANP approves registration of Equinor, Ecopetrol, Qatar Energy, Sinopec and Petrogal for the Pre Salt Permanent Offer Permanent

(PN) News in the preparations for the first round of the Permanent Sharing Offer, which will auction off pre-salt blocks. The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) approved the registration of five more companies: Equinor, Ecopetrol, Qatar Energy, Sinopec and Petrogal. The information is contained in a statement published) in the Official Gazette. Previously, the ANP had already approved eight other companies: BP Energy; Chevron; CNODC; CNOOC; Petrobras; Petronas; Shell and TotalEnergies.

In addition, the ANP also qualified Petrobras and Chevron as “A+ Operators”. This is a novelty brought within the Permanent Offer system. In short, qualification is a requirement for the company’s qualification as operator of blocks object of the Permanent Production Sharing Offer. Shell has also obtained this seal before.

The first auction of the Permanent Production Sharing Offer will sell up to 11 blocks in the pre-salt region. The event was scheduled for December 16th. In this cycle, the blocks of Ágata, Água Marinha, Bomerangue, Cruzeiro do Sul, Esmeralda, Itaimbezinho, Jade, Norte de Brava, Sudoeste de Sagittarius, Tupinambá and Turmalina will be available, located in the Campos and Santos Basins. Petrobras exercised its preemptive right in relation to the Água Marinha and Norte de Brava blocks, with a 30% interest.

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