Equinor granted renewal of drilling license to drill 9 wells in Bacalhau

The Brazilian Institute of the Environment (Ibama) granted an operating license renewal to Equinor, authorizing the Norwegian oil company to carry out short-term drilling and testing activities in the Bacalhau field, in the Santos Basin. The license will be valid for four years.

According to the document, the company will be able to drill up to nine development wells in the field, remaining from the 12 wells authorized in the first exploration phase of blocks BM-S-8 and North of Carcará. The wells will be drilled using Seadrill’s West Saturn drillship.

In July Equinor also announced the contracting of the Valaris DS-17 drillship, which will also drill in the Bacalhau field. The vessel’s contract will start in 2023, with a duration of 540 days. “The second rig in Bacalhau will expand our drilling capacity in Brazil and will further improve our understanding of Bacalhau Norte through a Reservoir Data Acquisition well,”  said Equinor Brasil president Veronica Coelho.

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