New updates on Petrobras’ exploratory program off the coast of Espírito Santo.

The company restarted the drilling of the wildcat well ES-M-596, in a water depth of 2,117 meters. As we reported, the original well (1-BRSA-1385-ESS) began to be drilled at the end of June. The drilling of the repeated well, named 1-BRSA-1385A-ESS, began yesterday (19).

As the market knows, when the original well is lost, operators drill the so-called repeated well, which has the same geological objectives. The name of the well is basically the same and has just one more letter, as determined by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP).

As informed in May by Petrobras exploration and production director, Fernando Borges, the company is interested in the Andurá and Joelho prospects, which are within the ES-M-596 area – operated 100% by the Brazilian oil company.

The block was acquired by Petrobras in 2013, during the 11th Bidding Round, along with five other concessions on the Espírito Santo coast: ES-M-598 and ES-M-673 (80% Petrobras and 20% Enauta); ES-M-671 and ES-M-743 (100% Petrobras) and ES-M-669 (40% Petrobras, 35% Equinor and 25% TotalEnergies).

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