Consultancy finalizes pre-salt asset management assessment for Petrobras

(TN) The consultancy Grupo I Can completed the asset management assessment of Petrobras’ Santos Basin Exploration and Production Business Unit (UN-BS). Since 2019, the UN-BS has started to implement asset management at the unit, which is located in the pre-salt layer, to understand the maturity level of the organization and, based on that, to develop actions for the identified discrepancies.

“With this panorama outlined, an asset management assessment diagnosis was needed capable of identifying the current context of the organization within the asset management approach to know if the path taken by the UN-BS and the P-69 asset was aligned with the requirements of the normative models NBR ISO 55001 and Landscape”, explains Tereza Soares, CEO of Grupo I Can and one of the evaluators of the diagnostic project.

The engineer responsible for the project Luís Aguiar explains that carrying out this type of assessment is important to keep the business competitive and profitable, balancing cost, performance and risk.

“The gains with asset management techniques go beyond the financial, as it strengthens the brand, acts in sustainability, safety, skills, costs and in all areas of the organization to obtain the greatest possible value for the business, from the way these assets are managed”, emphasizes the engineer, who has CAMA certification.

According to him, the presented UN-BS and P-69 results provided a high level of detail, acting as an additional facilitator in the elaboration of the action plan, as well as the next steps to be taken by the organization.

“In addition, maintenance insights were provided, containing valuable information capable of promoting a review of the asset management planning strategy not only for the UN-BS, but, in scope, for the entire Petrobras”, adds Ricardo Blanco, also an evaluator. from the project.

With a focus mainly on energy companies, in the areas of oil, gas and renewables, the I Can Group also serves the entire supply chain of energy companies, the civil construction industry, the naval and maritime industry and various segments of trade and services. .

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