Petrobras signs a protocol of intentions in the area of Natural Gas

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras and the Sergipe Government signed today a protocol of intentions to identify business opportunities with the use of natural gas ,considering the development by the company of a new frontier in Sergipe Deep Waters.

The objective of the protocol is to express the purpose of prospecting and structuring business opportunities, with the supply of natural gas, either as raw material or as a source of power and heat generation. All confidential information or transmitted data or data to which the parties have access as a result of the protocol are duly protected by a confidentiality clause.

“The Sergipe Deep Waters project is a new frontier for the development of oil and, especially, gas production. With this protocol of intentions, Petrobras hopes to contribute with the people of Sergipe, so that the state can take advantage of the opportunities provided by the natural gas market,” said Chief Refining and Natural Gas Officer Rodrigo Costa Lima e Silva.

According to Petrobras’ Strategic Plan 2022-2026, two platforms are planned for the Sergipe Deep Waters fields. The project includes the implementation of a new gas flow system connecting the two production units to the Sergipe coast, with a capacity of 18 million m³ per day.

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