Petrobras launches tender for inspection services in land and maritime plants

(PN) Petrobras launched this week a tender for contracting inspection services in its industrial assets located on land and sea. The tender covers both refining units as well as platform ships currently in operation in the Brazilian pre-salt. The expectation is that the opening of the envelopes with the proposals will take place on the 5th of July. The winning company will produce a report with recommendations and considerations about the state of the assets.

In the category of highly complex inspection services, Petrobras lists the activities that will be carried out at its refining units, such as the Duque de Caxias (Reduc), Presidente Bernardes (RPBC), Henrique Lage (Revap) refineries, among others. The list also includes other operations of medium complexity, such as those provided for in thermoelectric plants and gas treatment units. In addition, the public notice also provides for inspections in offshore production units, the most prominent being the Buzios platforms – P-74, P-75, P-76 and P-77.

According to the notice, the list of assets may be modified according to Petrobras’ interests, as well as depending on the entry or exit of assets in operation, decommissioning, acquisitions or divestments, but respecting the quantities of assets to be inspected by year. The performance of these inspection services is a requirement of the insurance market for contracting insurance policies for Petrobras’ industrial assets.

The inspection report produced by the company that won the bid will present the main information of the inspected units, update the list of previous recommendations as well as the incorporation of new recommendations (with their respective status, criticality and impact), analysis of maximum probable damage or maximum loss probability of the asset and considerations about the condition of the assets (including aspects related to safety, conservation and operational capacity).

The complete bid notice (7003864210) and the rest of the documentation are available on the Petronect portal. According to the company, the competition will have national scope and will take place in closed dispute mode.

At the end of last month, Petrobras also launched another important tender, this time for contracting maintenance on large machines installed in five refineries located in the Southeast. The opening of the envelopes with the proposals is initially scheduled for June 23. The services will be carried out at the Henrique Lage (Revap), Paulínia (Replan), Capuava (Recap) and Presidente Bernardes (RPBC) refineries, in São Paulo, in addition to the Duque de Caxias (Reduc) refinery, in Rio de Janeiro.

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