Altera&Ocyan sign agreement for maintenance and operation of 3R platforms in the Campos Basin

(PN) A new major contract for the Altera&Ocyan portfolio. The company, formed by the union between Ocyan and Altera Infrastructure, signed an agreement with 3R to carry out the maintenance and operation of the P-61 and P-63 platforms in the Papa Terra field, in the south of the Campos Basin (RJ). The contract will last for five years, renewable for up to five more. As a reminder, 3R acquired the Papa-Terra field from Petrobras last year, along with the two platforms.

“This is the first time that we are going to take over the operation of assets from another company, without owning the asset, expanding the scope of services we offer to the market. The achievement of this new contract is the market’s recognition of the high performance of the services performed by Altera&Ocyan”, said the General Director of Altera&Ocyan, Marcelo Nunes.

P-63 is an FPSO-type platform and has an installed capacity to process up to 140,000 barrels/day of oil and 1 million m³ of natural gas. The P-61 is the only Tension Leg Wellhead Platform (TLWP) type unit installed in Brazil. The P-61 wells are of the dry completion type – that is, the well control valves are on the platform rather than being installed on the seabed.

“Papa-Terra, active in the deep waters of the Campos Basin, is 3R’s largest offshore Brazilian operation. The contract with Altera&Ocyan is within our business model of bringing in major strategic partners to coordinate the management of some processes in our operations, in this case the management of the Operation and Maintenance of the two asset platforms”, commented the CEO of 3R Petroleum, Ricardo Savini.

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