Simply Blue Group Plans to Build Two Gigawatt-scale Floating Wind Farms in Sweden

Ireland-based floating wind developer Simply Blue Group on Thursday unveiled plans for two floating wind projects of a combined 4,75GW capacity offshore Sweden.

The 2 GW Skidbladner floating wind project is located 100 km southeast of Stockholm and the 2.75GW Herkules floating wind project, is approximately 60 km Southeast of the Island of Gotland.

Simply Blue Group said it was collaborating with wind energy consultancy Wind Sweden on both projects. Credit: Simply Blue Group

Adrian de Andres, Director of Market Development at Simply Blue Group said: “Floating wind has an important role to play in the Swedish Energy mix as well as Nordpool given it can be located further from shore and therefore its visual impact is significantly reduced. Our project selection has focused on sites that we believe are environmentally friendly and at the same time technically and commercially feasible.”

He continued: “We believe floating wind cost reductions will be steep in the next decade and therefore will be able to compete with other renewable energy sources in the 2030s. We are excited to bring our global floating wind expertise to Sweden while at the same time working with local companies.”Credit: Simply Blue Group

Jeanette Lindeblad CEO of Wind Sweden said: “Europe and Sweden are facing an increasingly urgent need to increase the production of renewable and fossil-free energy. Our collaboration with Simply Blue Group is a concrete example of how companies from different countries work together for a more sustainable future. To also be part of a project that is at the forefront of the technical development of offshore wind power, we see as both challenging and honorable.”

Simply Blue Group did not say when the proposed wind warms could become operational.

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