Petrobras studies investing in offshore wind energy

The President of Petrobras, José Mauro Ferreira Coelho, said that the state company is studying investing in offshore wind energy. “We are studying an alternative to capture offshore wind energy in deep and ultra-deep waters in a long-term project”, highlighted the executive at the Global Carbon Market Congress, held in Rio de Janeiro.

“In 2020 we signed a letter of intent with Equinor and since then Petrobras has been cooperating in the development of the Aracatu offshore wind project, located in the Campos basin, which has a generation capacity of approximately 4 gigawatts,” said the executive.

According to Coelho, Petrobras’ strategic plan (2022-2026) includes allocating US$ 2.8 billion in resources for decarbonization. “We created a carbon neutral program to accelerate solutions for the future and this combination of strategies and actions gives me the conviction of an even more sustainable and competitive Petrobras for the coming decades”, he clarified.

The executive pointed out that even in the most accelerated scenarios of energy transition, the world will demand oil for decades. “Over the course of human history, several energy transitions have taken place. And in current times we are experiencing a transition to a low carbon economy, but as history also shows us, we believe that this transition will be slow and in this sense the world will still demand oil for many years to come”, he explained.

The President of Petrobras also highlighted that the state-owned company will invest in more modern fuels. “We approved a governance dedicated to the diversification of our investments, seeking to advance in the analysis of new businesses contributing to the company’s sustainability in the long term, an example of this diversification is the production of advanced biofuels, which is already commercially foreseen in our strategic planning and will be a new generation of more modern, sustainable and high quality fuels, such as renewable diesel, green diesel and also aviation biokerosene”, he concluded.

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