Adriano Bastos assumes top job at BP Brazil

(PN) News in the leadership of the British oil company BP. The executive Adriano Bastos took over this month as the company’s Head of Country in Brazil. He returned to the country after serving as president of BP in Angola. Bastos replaced Mario Lindenhayn, who has been BP’s Head of Country in Brazil.

“Adriano will work to advance the many integration opportunities in Brazil, where BP has been active in the energy, fuel and lubricants sectors for over 50 years,” the British company said in a statement. An engineer with over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Lindenhayn, in turn, will focus on the biofuels business and will continue as executive chairman of BP Bunge.

In Brazil, BP operates in the production of lubricants (Castrol), biofuels and bioenergy (through the joint venture (BP Bunge Bioenergia), solar energy (through the joint venture Lightsource BP), exploration and production of oil and gas (Upstream), distribution of aviation (Air BP) and marine (BP marine/NFX) fuels, and energy trading (BP Comercializadora de Energia).

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