PGS reprocessing legacy 2D seismic offshore Uruguay

 (OM) PGS is making available time products for an 11,000-km (6,835-mi) reprocessed seismic volume covering an extension of Uruguay’s shallow and deepwater provinces, from the Pelotas basin to the Punta del Este basin.

The package includes ties to the company’s 15,600-sq km (6,023-sq mi) 3D GeoStreamer dataset, allowing analog assessment of the recent equatorial margin discoveries in the Orange basin offshore Namibia, a conjugate margin of Uruguay.

The 2D project follows an agreement with Uruguay’s state oil company ANCAP to reprocess 2D of different vintages, applying modern imaging techniques.

Results will support regional and reservoir evaluation studies and help unlock prospective opportunities in the Palaeozoic, Jurassic, Cretaceous, and Tertiary levels.

According to PGS, data quality improvements are evident in the shallow parts and also on the deeper targets and events, revealing mini-basins that were not previously visible.

This leads to an improved understanding of the petroleum system, the company claimed, including the identification and distribution of source rocks, reservoirs, and seal/trap systems.

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