Oil States signs a maintenance contract with Petrobras

(PN) Oil States Brasil announced the signing of a new and important contract with Petrobras. The new agreement covers the provision of maintenance services on hydro-pneumatic pumps, instrumentation valves, regulating valves, directional valves, selector valves, high pressure valves and hydraulic filters with service and spare parts. The contract will last for three years.

“Among the determining factors for winning the contract, credibility and experience in corrective and preventive maintenance of valves and other flow control equipment were fundamental, the result of state-of-the-art engineering and highly skilled labor. Allied to this, the operational and manufacturing capacity to carry out disassembly, inspections and machining, welding and tests, totally ‘in house’ at Oil States’ own base in Macae”, said the company.

Oil States, which is managed in Brazil by the executive Marcio Robles, also said that the signing of the contract offers its strategy to further diversify its portfolio, based on the 21-year experience in Brazil in inspection, repair and maintenance, serving the customers and solving their challenges both in the Exploration, Development and Production stages of the Projects.

“Oil States has evolved to serve a constantly changing market. We went from repairing drilling equipment and own equipment, to also serving a wide variety of subsea and topside equipment in different segments of the oil chain”, concluded the company.

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