Ocyan signs decommissioning contract with Petrobras

(PetroleoHoje) Ocyan signed a contract with Petrobras for the removal of flexible and umbilical ducts from the Cidade do Rio de Janeiro, Cidade de Rio das Ostras and Piranema FPSOs, located in the Campos and Sergipe-Alagoas basins.

Ocyan had submitted the lowest bid in the state-owned company’s tender, with a value below R$900 million. The negotiations were concluded in January of this year.

The contract requires the acquisition of engineering, preparation, removal and disposal (EPRD – Engineering, Preparation, Removal, and Disposal) services for the decommissioning of the subsea systems belonging to the three production units.

Approximately 275 km of pipelines will be removed, located between 800 and 1,700 meters deep.

The duration of the work is expected to be two and a half years.

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