Special Flexible Lines for Six Pre-salt Projects – Petrobras

(PetroleoHoje) Petrobras will acquire up to 291.9 km of special flexible lines for the Buzios, Tupi, Sapinhoa, Atapu, Berbigao and Sururu fields, located in the Santos cluster. The oil company has launched a tender for the supply of the material, which will have to be non-susceptible to the phenomenon of SCC-CO2.

The bidding will mark the first acquisition of lines of this type by Petrobras. Each supplier company will present its own internally developed solution.

Petrobras’ objective is to acquire new lines for the pre-salt layer that have a useful life limit compatible with the duration of the production projects. The oil company faced wear problems in the cluster’s pipelines.

The lines required in the bidding will need to have at least 20 years of useful life. In the last bids, Petrobras had been requesting pipelines that were 3.6 and 5.6 years useful life.

The bid is divided into three lots, with the delivery of proposals scheduled for April 8th. The date will most likely be postponed. The bidding will be conducted under the lowest price model and the company that presents the best qualification and delivery schedule will have the advantage.

As the technical solution will still have to be developed and qualified with Petrobras, the market projection is that the supply of the lines of the first batch will not occur before 2023.

The contracts of each lot will be exclusive, having to be signed by different groups. NOV, TechnipFMC and Baker are seen as the favorite companies.

Each bidding lot will have around 97 km of flexible lines. The companies must manufacture the new pipelines in Brazil.

The bid seeks to solve the problem of flexible gas injection risers and production lines with a high concentration of CO2. Currently, when the project has a high concentration of CO2, Petrobras uses rigid lines for gas injection, while service lines are flexible. After having the final qualified and approved solution, the oil company will once again contract flexible lines for these systems.

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