Petrobras will acquire an exclusive 4D streamer seismic and more gravity and magnetometric data through a mega-campaign in the Marlim Sul, Marlim Leste, Barracuda and Caratinga fields, in the Campos Basin. The oil company launched a tender for contracting the service, scheduling the delivery of proposals for December 17th.

The 4D streamer seismic mapping will involve an area of ​​2,249 km². The expectation is that the deadline for submission of bid proposals will be extended to allow more time to prepare bids.

The campaign will be carried out in water depths ranging from 500 to 2.5 thousand m. The contract will have a total term of 660 days, with 450 days reserved for the period of execution of the service.

The company that wins the bid will have to perform the service, providing not only the main vessel for registration and source and the secondary vessel (source vessel), but also at least one supply vessel and one chase vessel.

The coverage area of ​​the firing grid and the transversal lines of the mapping will have a distance of 2 km. The separation between the sources will be 25 m, and the pressure determined by Petrobras is 2,000 psi.

According to the notice, the winning company will have to use 12 streamers. with 50 m separation. The cables will have a length of 6 thousand m.

The company that wins the tender will have to prepare and deliver to Petrobras an execution plan for the 4D seismic acquisition service, thirty days after signing the contract. The contracting party will also be required to provide the oil company, one month after each end of the campaign, with a final geophysical survey report.

The campaign will only start in 2022, possibly from the second or third quarter. The mapping execution will extend until 2023.

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