PETRORIO: to complete workovers of wells at Tubarao Martelo by end this year

PetroRio plans to complete the workovers of the two wells with production halted in the Tubarao Martelo field, in the Campos Basin, in November and December of this year, informed the independent company in an operational.

With the repair process expected to be completed this month, the first well, TBMT-2H, has been out of operation since the second half of September, when an umbilical failed. The other, TBMT-8H, has not produced since April, due to problems with the submerged centrifugal pump (BCS). Its workover resumed at the end of October and is expected to be completed in December.

The balance between two stopped wells and the entry into production of the TBMT-10H well, on the 26th, tipped towards a slight increase in production in the Polvo and Tubarao Martelo cluster in October, of 3% to 13.8 thousand boe/day . The TBMT-10H was drilled in the deposit shared between the two fields and produced an average of 3,800 bpd at the end of October.

In all, PetroRio produced approximately 31.5 thousand boe/day in the last month, corresponding to its shares in the Frade (100%), Polvo and Tubarao Martelo fields (95% of production, according to an agreement with the partner Dommo Energia) and Manatee (10%). The last one was sold to Gás Bridge, remaining the fulfillment of conditions precedent for the conclusion of the transaction.

In the month, Frade’s production registered a drop of 358 boe/day compared to the volume reported in September, with extraction of 15,600 boe/day in October. Its share of production from Manati increased by 22.6%, after the resumption of production in the field, which was out of operation for seven days between September 27 and October 4, with a greater impact on volumes extracted in September.

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