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Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras informs that on 11/12/2021 the term of the Ombudsman Mário Vinicius Claussen Spinelli, who held the position since November 2015, will end. Petrobras’ Board of Directors approved the nomination of Luiz Cristiano Oliveira de Andrade to take over as Ombudsman, starting as of 11/13/2021, for a three-year term, with the possibility of reappointment for an equal period, in accordance with the rules of the Federal Interministerial Commission for Corporate Governance and Management of Government Equities (CGPAR).

Luiz Cristiano de Andrade worked at Petrobras’ Legal Department and General Ombudsman Office until 2016, when he was selected to be executive manager of the General Ombudsman Office at Transpetro. With a degree in Law and a master’s degree in Social History, the new Ombudsman is a professor of Administrative Law and coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Economic and Regulatory Law at PUC-Rio.  

Petrobras appreciates the important work of Mário Vinicius Claussen Spinelli as Petrobras’ Ombudsman since November 2015.

About the Petrobras’ General Ombudsman Office

In 2015, Petrobras initiated the restructuring of the General Ombudsman Office, contributing, shortly thereafter, to the company’s integrity system to become a reference in the country and receive international recognition. The challenge was marked by overcoming and innovation. The team, led by Mário Spinelli, improved controls and expanded the area’s activities, by implementing new practices in the interaction with the various stakeholders, regarding approach, hospitality, resolution of conflicts and decision-making processes.

The company’s denouncement channel was structured, with the development of risk classification procedures and a consistent methodology for the prevention and investigation of cases of moral and sexual harassment and discrimination. The increase in the complaint handling processes was recognized by the control bodies and was mentioned by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as an example of performance.

The new way of acting brought results and recognition to the area. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the General Ombudsman Office developed a business intelligence dashboard for quick and accurate decisions, as well as a Goods and Services dashboard. By exploiting the potential of the data generated, it was possible to support important processes with more agility and precision.

The initiative was recognized, in 2020, with an award in the Good Practices Contest of the National Ombudsman Network of the Office of the Comptroller General (CGU).

In the area of transparency, the Petrobras’ General Ombudsman Office has improved its processes for responding to requests for access to information. The Transparency Portal was reformulated, aiming to meet all the active transparency requirements demanded by the CGU, a fact that elevated Petrobras to the 1st place in the control agency’s ranking, which encompasses more than 300 federal agencies and companies.

With regards to the General Law on Personal Data Protection, the General Ombudsman Office took part of the systematization that enabled the Ombudsman to play the role of the person in charge of handling personal data in the company, bringing it into compliance with the law.

The results obtained by the Ombudsman-General Office shows its ability to overcome and learn, demonstrating its fundamental role in the culture of integrity at Petrobras. 

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