New Fortress Energy received approval from ANP for the construction of the South Gas Terminal, in Babitonga Bay, in Santa Catarina. Incorporated into the company’s portfolio after the acquisition of Golar Power, the project had been awaiting authorization from the agency since February and is expected to start operating in the first quarter of 2022.

Published in the Federal Official Gazette on Friday, the authorization also provides for the construction of the Itapoá-Garuva gas pipeline, 32.8 km long, connecting the New Fortress LNG regasification terminal to the transport network of TBG, through Gasbol. The pipeline will occupy a lane shared with the Ospar oil pipeline, which connects the São Francisco do Sul Terminal to Repar, which does not require any further territorial intervention.

The South Gas Terminal project consists of a FSRU vessel moored to dolphins (marine structures above sea level, not connected to onshore infrastructure) in Babitonga Bay, 300 meters off the coast. The LNG to be regasified will be transferred by methane vessels through ship to ship operations, whose maneuvers will be supported by four tugboats.

The FSRU has a regasification capacity estimated at 15 million Nm³/day, in two trains with a flow of 7.5 million Nm³/day each.

In August, when TBG filed a request for authorization to build the connection point to the Itapoá-Garuva pipeline, TBG informed PetróleoHoje that the pipeline will initially handle 5 million m³/day of natural gas, reaching up to 15 million m³/day in the future – this is the maximum flow authorized by the ANP, as published on Friday (5/11).

Last week, New Fortress announced that it signed contracts for the supply of LNG, via Terminal Gás Sul, to thermoelectric plants that won the emergency auction, held in October. The company plans to supply approximately 3,400 m³/day of LNG to these plants over 44 months, from May 2022 to the end of 2025.

The Santa Catarina development is one of New Fortress’ four LNG terminals in Brazil. Earlier this year, the company made a series of acquisitions in the country’s gas and electricity market, which led to the incorporation of the terminals in Barcarena (PA), Celse (SE), Porto de Suape (PE) and Gás Sul (SC) .

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