3R Petroleum stock offering

The Board of Directors of 3R Petroleum has approved the holding of a public offering of the company’s shares. The offering is scheduled for November 4th.

— There will be a primary offering of 36.5 million new shares, with limited efforts, but with the possibility of placing an additional 29.2 million shares. In addition, 3R will make available an additional 7.3 million new shares in a secondary offering.

— The price per share will be known only after the offering is completed. With the closing price on Friday (22/10) on the B3 at R$33.95, the issue may exceed R$2.4 billion, calculate experts.

— On Thursday (21/10), 3R Petroleum announced the issuance of R$1.6 billion in debentures in up to three series. The value may be higher, considering the possibility of increasing the number of titles by up to 20%, according to the company.

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