Brazilian Government studying creating auction of areas for offshore wind

(epbr) The regulatory framework for offshore wind farms must be done by decree and create rules to define, by auction, who will have the right to explore maritime areas for energy generation. The auction would solve the dilemma of overlapping projects currently in the licensing process with Ibama, for example.

— The Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, reiterated the promise of a legal framework for offshore wind farms by the end of this year.

— However, the need for an auction to contract offshore areas is not a consensus. The discussion is also held at the National Congress, where projects for the segment are being processed.

— In addition to defining the competition for the right to use the areas, definitions are expected on energy contracting, connection of offshore farms and other aspects of the operation.

— One of the points defended is the creation of specific auctions for contracting energy by large consumers, as an alternative to enable the high costs of future offshore parks.

— There are currently 23 offshore wind farms with open licensing processes, which add up to 46.6 GW of capacity, according to Ibama.

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