Oxy Says Seven of Its Ten Offshore Oil Platforms in U.S. Gulf of Mexico Still Offline

Occidental Petroleum Corp on Wednesday said in a securities filing seven of its 10 offshore oil production platforms in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico remain offline since Hurricane Ida.

Hurricane Ida tore through the Gulf of Mexico late last month knocking out some 80% of the region’s offshore oil and gas production. Restarts have been slowed due to damages to offshore oil and gas transfer facilities and onshore resupply operations.

It was the first time that Occidental disclosed the extent of its offshore production losses. It previously has said it was monitoring the storm or operating under post-weather plans.

Onshore chemical operations in Louisiana are in the process of restarting, the company said.

Occidental on Wednesday said while its offshore oil and gas platforms did not suffer storm-related damage, it could not provide an estimate for full restarts.

In addition to the three platforms producing, it expects three others to begin “shortly,” it said in a filling to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

“As our operations in the Gulf of Mexico are reliant upon third parties, we cannot provide a timeline for full restoration of operations at this time,” the company said. It is exploring alternatives to the pipeline and processing plants disabled by the storm.

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