ANP approves Karoon registration in the 17th Round

The ANP’s Special Bidding Commission (CEL) approved the registration of the Australian oil company Karoon in the 17th round, scheduled to take place on 7 October. The company is the seventh approved by the agency to participate in the auction, which will offer areas in the Campos, Santos, Pelotas and Potiguar basins.

— Last week, CEL had already approved the entry of Chevron, Ecopetrol, Murphy Exploration, Petrobras, Shell and TotalEnergies in the auction.

— The 17th round foresees the offer of 92 exploratory blocks, all offshore, divided into 11 sectors of four Brazilian sedimentary basins – Campos, Pelotas, Potiguar and Santos –, totaling 54 thousand km2 of area.

— The public notice and the concession contract model were published by the ANP at the end of last month. The schedule foresees September 22 as the deadline for submission of bid guarantees.

— Three blocks in the SS-AUP5 sector, in Santos, are cut by the limit of 200 nautical miles, in the extension of the Brazilian Continental Shelf.

Karoon will participate in the competition under new command. As of October 1st, Antonio Guimarães, former executive secretary of E&P at the IBP and an executive at Shell, will be CEO of Karoon Brasil.

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