(PetroNoticias) Petrobras pretends to close the 2021 with the same volume of oil exported as last year. However, to achieve the goal, the company had to diversify its customer base. The main buyer, China, reduced its volume of oil purchases from the state-owned company by 33%. Therefore, Petrobras has diversified its exports to refiners located in the US, India, Europe and Latin America.

The state-owned company claims that it is finding space for its crude oil on the West Coast of the United States, as a result of the processing profile of refineries in the region. In addition, the company also highlights recent sales to the Indian market. The Asian country has increased the volume of purchases of medium oils with low sulfur content, such as Tupi and Buzios.

“It is essential to contextualize that the remarkable growth in the volume produced in the pre-salt fields, such as Tupi and Buzios, over the last decade, has brought about a significant change in our production and export profile. Currently, almost all of our exports come from pre-salt fields, whose quality falls into the category of medium sweet oil”, declared the Executive Manager of External Sales, Alípio Ferreira.

Specifically talking about Tupi oil, Petrobras said that the field has become an important component in the refining basket of several Asian clients, mainly in China. This is because the oil from the region has good quality, low sulfur content and good yield of distillates. The gradual increase in exports from Buzios tends to increase the representation of regions where it is more valued, especially Europe and South America.

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