3R Petroleum steady production at the Macau Cluster

(Valor) 3R Petroleum reported on Wednesday that the production of the Macau cluster, equivalent to the company’s share, was 5.18 thousand barrels per day in June, and 5.21 thousand barrels equivalent in the second quarter of 2021, considering oil and gas .

Total production at Polo Macau was 5.65 thousand barrels per day in June and 5.68 thousand barrels per day on average in the second quarter.

In the quarterly comparison, the average daily oil production for the second quarter of 2021 was 4.8 thousand barrels equivalent per day, 4% higher than the production of the first quarter of this year and 30% above the production of the second quarter of 2020 .

At the Pescada & Arabaiana fields, production for 3R was 453 barrels per day in June and 426 barrels per day in the second quarter. Total production reached 1,300 barrels per day in June and 1,210 barrels per day in the quarter.

3R is the operator of Macau and has a 35% stake in Pescada & Arabaiana fields, operated by Petrobras.

The company’s total average daily production, including the Macau and Pescada Hubs, was 6.94 thousand barrels of oil equivalent (boe) in June 2021. Of this total, the portion referring to 3R reached 5.64 thousand barrels of oil equivalent .

The production data for the remaining 65% of the Pescada field, as well as 100% of the Fazenda Belém, Rio Ventura and Recôncavo Clusters, 70% of the Peroá and 43.75% of the Papa-Terra Clusters will be incorporated when the transition processes together with Petrobras and ANP are concluded.

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