Ocyan wins bid and re-contracts Norbe IX rig to Petrobras

(TNPetroleo) The rig is the second to renew its contract this year. The entire company fleet continues with active contracts.

Norbe IX, one of Ocyan’s five deepwater drilling rigs, was rehired by Petrobras for a period of 1095 days. The new charter and services contract is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022, a few months after the end of the current contract between Norbe IX and Petrobras, which lasted for ten years. The entire Ocyan fleet, including five of its own rigs and the two FPSOs of the Altera&Ocyan joint venture, continue with active contracts.

“The new achievement consolidates the operational excellence of the company, which in 2020 had a historic year with exceptional results in performance and safety. We have built a trajectory of efficiency and maturity in the operation of drilling rigs in Brazil”, celebrates Heitor Gioppo, vice president of the Drilling Unit at Ocyan.

The Norbe IX is a dynamically positioned drilling rig capable of operating in water depths of up to 3,048 meters and drilling wells up to 12,195 meters. The rig was built in 2011 and has high-level operation. In 2020, it stood out for having reached the milestone of 6 years without lost-time accidents on board in August of last year.

The rig won the bid to contract equipment capable of operating in 3,000 meters of water in Brazilian waters.

Between the end of the current contract and the beginning of the new one, the vessel must go through a period of maintenance and adaptation to meet the requirements of this new contract.

Female leadership

Two of the main leaders of Norbe IX, the Rig Manager, Clarisse Rodrigues, and one of the commanders, Carla Malafaia, are pioneers in their respective positions in Brazil, still being a minority in the industry. In the team of more than 170 members of the rig, 12 women stand out for having managed to overcome the male stereotype of the sector. They represent 6% of the team, but Ocyan seeks to increase this number of women on board in the coming years.

Third contract of the year

The new contract with Norbe IX is Ocyan’s third consecutive achievement in 2021. In January, Norbe VIII, another of the company’s rigs, was also rehired by Petrobras, as operator and representative of the Libra Consortium (Petrobras, Shell, Total, CNODC and CNOOC), for a period of 425 days from the start of operation, scheduled for July 2021. In February, the victory went to the Offshore Maintenance and Services area, which won the bid for the maintenance of the platforms of Merluza and Mussels. This contract came into effect at the end of February and is valid for three years, and may be renewed for another two. To carry it out, around 220 members will initially be mobilized for the project, however, the forecast is to reach a peak in the hiring of up to 700 professionals to carry out these services this year.

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