(PetroNoticias) The P-76 platform is the second production unit in the Buzios field, in the Santos Basin, to send natural gas to the continent. The activity started in June and announced today by Petrobras. The operation began after the interconnection of the ship-platform to the gas pipeline known as Rota 2, which transports production to the Cabiunas Terminal.

In August of last year, Petrobras had already started to send the gas from Buzios extracted from the P-74 platform. The volume exported by the two platforms is currently up to 2 million m³ per day. The state-owned company believes that by the second half of 2022, after the entry of Rota 3 and the interconnection of platforms P-75 and P-77, the volume of gas to be exported by the Buzios field could exceed 9 million m³/ morning.

“The start of gas exports by the P-76 reinforces Petrobras’ position in the country’s natural gas chain, expanding the availability of gas to the market and meeting demand growth, including expansion and security in the electricity sector , outlining the path of energy transition to sources with lower carbon intensity”, declared Petrobras.

The Rota 1 and Rota 2 gas pipelines have a flow capacity of 26 to 30 million m³ per day. Route 3, in its final implementation phase, will be able to transport more than 18 million m³/d of gas to the onshore gas processing units.

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