Oil States do Brasil won an important contract from Petrobras to maintain equipment and accessories and to support the offshore operations of the state-owned company. The contract will provide operational support for various subsea equipment used in Petrobras projects to ensure full availability in operations. This type of contract, which historically was executed within the EQSB Maintenance Workshop of Petrobras, had its execution transferred outside the company’s facilities in a pioneering manner, as part of the oil company’s strategy of exploring new supply model practices, with a focus on Long-term savings.

The provision of maintenance services will be applied to equipment, tools and accessories, with the supply of parts and pieces for hydraulic and PDG reels, Hydraulic Units, Workover and Terminal Head Panels, Extended Arm Elevator, Pulleys, Blasting Tools, Support table for maintenance of Wet Christmas Tree (ANM) and other equipment used in subsea operations. The term of execution of this contract, which has a particularity regarding the wide range of equipment from different manufacturers, is three years. Oil States is one of the world’s leaders in the design and manufacture of special connection systems for subsea pipelines, as well as well construction and drilling systems.

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