Port of Suape (PE), to receive US$ 3.8 billion in investment in a green hydrogen plant from Qair Brasil

(TNPetroleo) The government of Pernambuco began technical and economic feasibility studies for the implementation of a green hydrogen production plant at the Port of Suape. The project belongs to the company Qair Brasil, of French origin, whose main activity is the independent production of electricity from alternative sources.

The initiative, named Pernambuco Green Hydrogen Plant, foresees the installation of four sets of water electrolysers in areas located in the Port of Suape, in four phases of implementation. When consolidated, the project could become the second largest in the state’s history.

“One of the world’s giants in the production of renewable energy is landing in Suape to install a plant that will generate the so-called green hydrogen, a valuable input for the industrial sector. It is an investment that could reach US$ 3.8 billion,” said Governor Paulo Câmara.

With a high potential for energy generation without emission of carbon dioxide, green hydrogen (H2V) is obtained from the electrolysis plant that separates oxygen and hydrogen from water. It is called green because the plant that produces it works from 100% renewable energy sources. H2V is an input for many industries, already existing as a fuel for vehicles. It is also used to produce ammonia, one of the main input for fertilizers for agribusiness, of which Brazil is an important consumer.

The plant in Pernambuco will have the combined processes of electrolysis, pumping and liquefaction, allowing the product to be shipped over long distances, in addition to the reform of natural gas. “This project shows the capacity of the Suape Complex and its diversity to embrace industries of various types. We are looking to the future, since green hydrogen is a global innovation, it has great potential for investment, sustainability and development of the green economy”, commented the CEO of Suape, Roberto Gusmão.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the commitment and agility with which the government of Pernambuco accepted our demand. We like partnerships like this. I believe this will be the first of other projects that we may develop in Pernambuco”, stated Jorge Borrell, CEO of Qair Brazil.

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