Rio and the country can benefit from investments in offshore wind energy

Firjan (Rio de Janeiro Industrial Federation) believes that the state of Rio needs to keep new energy opportunities on the radar, taking advantage of the synergies between the existing offshore markets and the potential of offshore wind projects. In addition to the similarity of environment, labor skills have the potential to transition between operations and technological discoveries, and can be mutually beneficial.

The federation lists five factors that are of interest to oil companies:

• experience in oil and gas projects in waters increasingly distant from the coast helps with offshore wind projects that are offshore, where wind speeds are less unstable;

• financial strength to execute long-term projects, with a lower investment cost than oil and gas projects;

• relationship already established with suppliers worldwide;

• commitment to sustainability and renewable energies;

• existence of research that links the use of offshore wind energy with an increase in oil production in nearby fields.

Watch the first edition of the Webseries Firjan Novas Energias on the federation’s YouTube

New Energies Webseries

For this reason, the federation starts the New Energies Webseries with the objective of discussing the development of new energies, which can contribute to the energy transition movements, and how the offshore market already installed in Rio can meet these new opportunities. In partnership with the Dutch consulate, the first edition, on June 1st, starting at 10am, will deal with the development of offshore wind farms in Brazil and the Dutch experience in the implementation of these projects.

The webinar will include the participation of Elbia Gannoum, executive president of ABEEólica and vice-chair, board of Global Wind Energy; Rafael Torres, Business Development Director at SBM Offshore; Niels Veenis, Deputy Consul General and Head of the Energy Sector – Brazil at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Rio de Janeiro; and Erick Aeck, executive director of Van Oord – Brasil; and moderation by Fernando Montera, Firjan’s Oil, Gas and Naval Relations coordinator.

250 GW by 2030

In view of the global decarbonization goals, new energies, such as offshore wind, are gaining more and more attention. According to Rystad Energy, CAPEX and OPEX in the offshore wind market, it can reach US $ 810 billion in the next 10 years and the global installed capacity for generating this energy should exceed 250 GW by 2030.

It is no coincidence that large companies in the offshore market, such as those operating in oil, gas and shipbuilding, have plans to intensify their investments in these new energies. For offshore wind, the expertise and financial strength of these companies – intensified by their sustainability plans – are examples of reasons that demonstrate synergy for positioning the new energy market.

From the business point of view, the challenges to increase the return on investment and decrease the cost of energy generated by the offshore wind turbine stand out. In Brazil, 40 GW are being discussed in projects along the coast, of which 17.5% are presented as potential to be installed in Rio de Janeiro waters.

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